Improving Personal Productivity – Worksheet

The following worksheet is one of the many that managers use to evaluate the performance of an employee. However, an employee can use it to monitor his own performances and productivity too. The employee is expected to be honest in self-evaluation, so that this worksheet gives him a good idea on what the management thinks about him.

Personal Productivity Worksheet

General Information
Employee Name:Designation:
Review from (Month/Year):To (Month/Year):
Performance Factors
Score – 0Score – 1Score – 2
Not related to the jobRelated to the jobCrucial to the job
Oral & written communication  
Creates channels to interact  
Likes exchange of ideas  
Concerned with team results.  
Works well with co-workers  
Likes to co-operate  
Customer Service
Makes effort to solve issues  
Encourages team-spirit  
Good listener  
Has good attendance record  
Respects project deadlines  
Accepts responsibility  
Assumes new responsibilities  
Adaptive to new conditions  
Applies new knowledge  
Taking Initiative
Likes to complete assignments  
Performs without assistance  
Participates in planning  
Career Growth
Knows how companies operate  
Has job-relevant knowledge  
Seeks job knowledge  
Decision Making
Willing to make tough choices  
Has a “root-up” approach  
Takes logical decisions.  
Good at delegating work  
Goal-oriented vision  
Good motivator  
Organizational Skills
Handle multiple tasks well  
Utilizes resources efficiently  
Know work-prioritization  
Utilizes time and resources well  
Delivers work as per schedule  
Quality of Work
Work is accurate and thorough  
Delivers good quality work  
Follows policy/procedures  
Observation and Report
ObservationFactors Related to Observation
Acknowledgement & Signatures

We have discussed and acknowledge the inclusion of the above performance appraisal factors, expectations, objectives or standards for the period stated.

Supervisor’s Signature: ____________Date: ____________

Employee’s Signature: ____________Date: ____________

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