Essentials of a Sound Banking System

A sound banking system promotes all round economic development of an economy. A good bank must have the following features : —

(a) Adequate Liquidity — A bank must keep sufficient cash in hand to meet the claim of depositors, otherwise they would be insolvent. A bank failure not only affects depositors but banks also. People would not more keep funds with bankers. It ensures safety of a bank. Unless a bank is safe it cannot render its social services.

(b) Expansion of banking — Banking facilities should spread throughout the economy. It must also cover all sections of people in need of funds and all productive activities. The less-developed regions should get more banking facilities than others. Thus, diffusion of banking offices is essential.

(c) Investment and Loan policies – A sound banking system must have a sound investment policy whereby it can optimize the twin goals of liquidity and profitability. If loan and investments are wrong, a bank suffer loss or face liquidity shortage. A prudent banker should carefully determine the composition and character of its loans and advances so as to optimize earning without endangering safety and solvency.

(d) Human Factor — The soundness of a bank depends much on the quality of banker. Banking being a practical affair, rigid application of bank laws are not always fruitful. Much depends on the discretion of men piloting the ship. Sound banking thus, depends more on banking personnel than on banking laws.

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