Career Planning System

Career planning system can be defined as a step by step process of improving as an individual; we can also call it as a process of self-development.

This system consists of the following four different stages −

Evaluation Process

The evaluation phase includes activities like self-assessment and assessment by the company. The objective of having evaluation is to understand the employee’s strengths and weaknesses.


Self-assessment assists employees in determining their career interest, values, aptitudes and behavioral tendencies. In order to do self-assessment, employees often take psychological tests and conduct self-directed searches.

Large amount of self-assessment materials is available over the internet and other commercial outlets. Tests also assist employees identify the relative value they place on work and leisure activities.

Career counselors are often used to help employees in the self-assessment process and translate the results of psychological tests into measurable goals and activities.

Assessment by the Organization

Organizations have several potential sources of information that also help for assessing employees. One of the most frequently used sources has been the performance appraisal process.

Direction Phase

The direction phase includes determining the career desired by the employee. What exactly interests the employee? How can we match the employee’s interest with the desirable job in the organization?

Thus, the steps that should be taken in order to realize their career objectives are −

●      Evaluation Process

●      Direction Phase

●      Goal setting

●      Action Planning

The description given above says it all about career planning system. As we can see, not a single stage can be avoided, as all are interlinked and are crucial to career development.

As we end this chapter, we know what exactly career development is, why HRM needs to deal with career development management, and how it is important individually as well as for a team.

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