Grooming For Men

First impressions are last impressions, and the first thing most people notice is your face. A lack of proper grooming detracts people from what you are saying, and prevents you from making a good initial impression. Proper skin and hair care is as important for men today, as for women in a competitive world where everyone wants to put their best foot forward and appear their best.

Grooming for Men  

An important aspect of grooming is to use quality products for men. Another important factor is to know that certain things can fit among your friend-circle, fine enough, but may not be appreciated at work.


Here is a list of tips that one should follow while grooming for an interview −

●      Avoid low-waist trousers as they tend to accentuate the belly region.

●      A clean-shaved look, complemented with short haircut is preferred for men although individual religious sentiments are always taken into consideration.


●      Excessive male jewelry distracts; only one gemstone ring is acceptable.

Excessive Male Jewelry

●      Use gel to smoothen strands of hair (don’t overuse). Don’t back-comb as that gives a slightly over-friendly hint.

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