Learn through Visual Senses

The visual learners are those who learn things easily by watching. They are the ones who like reading books. They would prefer artistic representations such as paintings, drawings or music.

Those who learn through visual senses believe in what they have seen. A distraction of noise won’t disturb them, but anything that blocks their sight will. There are some employees, who would ask you to give directions on paper by either drawing or writing. You can easily understand that they are the visual category ones.

Following are the methods one can adopt to train the Visual learners −

●      Paper presentations or power point presentations.

●      Animated video demonstrations

●      Leaflets, charts, posters etc.

●      Insist on them to take written notes while a lecture is being taken.

The idea is to ensure that the candidate receives what is being taught in whichever method he is suited for, to avail training for him in all the methods. Besides, one must keep looking for any other methods that can be applied based on any particular learning style possessed by him, which you can observe by the clues offered by him.

One more good idea is to ask the candidate himself, what are the methods he/she prefers to learn anything? We all have been getting trained throughout our life so far. Every individual knows whether he/she would prefer listening, reading, attending a seminar, working in a team or any other way to learn things. So, this can be a timesaving idea to ask him about it.

Now that you know what are the methods a learner may require to take in the skills, it is up to you how better you can utilize this knowledge and arrange sales training for your team.

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