Learn through Kinesthetic Senses

Those who prefer to work in actuality and experience, instead of only hearing, come under this category of learners. They are also called physical learners or practical learners. They learn through practical experience of the work, by feeling every bit of it, to be precise.

Those who learn through kinesthetic senses can even notice and learn facial expressions during a conversation. They can remember the locations once they are involved in it. They would prefer going on a site visit over listening or reading about it. They would prefer reading as a secondary approach after having a practical experience. They may attend lectures, but that will be of limited approach to them unless a practical or mock demonstration is included in it.

Following are the methods, one can adopt to train the kinesthetic learners −

●      Ask them to make a demonstration

●      Engage them into roll play

●      Equip them with recorded videos

●      Metaphors and mental paintings can be helpful

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