The Three P’s – Positive, Personal & Possible

A huge step towards the achievement of your dreams is to set goals on a long-term basis. On the other hand, the achievement of short-term goals can sum up to accomplish your objectives that you need to achieve in the long term.

It is very crucial to ensure that all the objectives you set uncover the power of these three P’s −

●      Positive

●      Personal

●      Possible

In this chapter, we will discuss these three P’s in detail.


Who can most possibly be interested about a goal such as “Find a career that you think is interesting”? You should always note down your goals in a positive manner. This is because they help you by giving you a good feeling about yourself and the objective you wish to accomplish.

A better alternative approach may be: “Join the elementary law classes, so that I might, someday be able to help in solving legal problems faced by people.


Goals should be kept personal. They must be focused on your own desires and ethics. On the other hand, they should never include your friends, family or anybody else. When creating the statement of your goal, always use the letter “I” in the statement to label it to be yours.

If you have set personal goals, you’ll be very ambitious to achieve success and will be proud of your achievements. It acts as a great motivator to try and out-reach your targets.


At the time to set goals, ensure that you analyse the possibilities and the extent of your control. Enrolling into an Ivy League University may be possible, if your grades are good. However, it wold be impossible, if you are struggling with grades.

In case of the latter, a more justified goal might be to enrol into a university or business school that covers studies in context of your chosen career. You may also prefer pursuing volunteer jobs that would make your college applications stronger.

The achievement challenging goals need a great deal of mental energy. Rather than dispersing your concentration by focusing on numerous goals at once, it is wise to put your mental focus on the single goal, that is currently the most crucial.

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