Adapting the Content

While adapting the content to suit the needs of clients and readers, you should try and avoid technical jargons, acronyms, and abbreviations as much as possible. These not only confuse the readers by asking them to guess the meaning, leading to ambiguous interpretations of what’s mentioned. A few more of such points are discussed below.

To adapt the content, tone, and language of your documents as per the requirement of the readers, you should follow these simple steps −

●      Use ‘you’ more than you use ‘I’ or ‘we’.

●      Write from the readers’ point of view.

●      Focus on their benefits.

●      Your language should not be specific to any gender, race, age and disability.

●      Use a professional but friendly tone to give a formal, yet amiable impression.

●      Use positive words that are polite, simple and precise


Using second-person pronouns wherever possible, instead of ‘I, we’, gives a positive tone and makes the reader think that you are empathizing with him. It lets him be in command as he understands this as an exclusive conversation, rather than a piece of text that is aimed at the general crowd.

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