Resume Writing

A résumé is a document used to present an applicant’s backgrounds and skills while applying for new employment. It’s a summary of a candidate’s job experience and education.

Format of a Résumé

Although the templates of résumés vary from profession to profession, we will discuss the most widely accepted format here, which consists of −

●      Name − Full name of the applicant without general salutations like Mr., Ms.

●      Address − the permanent address

●      Objective − the aim of your professional life

●      Education − your academic qualification

●      Skills − areas of expertise in your profession

●      Programming Languages − if any

●      Software Tools − Software tools you use in your profession (MS Word, Excel)

●      Operating System Platforms − operating system you use (Windows, Mac)

●      Database Management System − if any

●      Personal Skills − soft skills

●      Experience Breakdown − detailed explanation of your experience

●      Achievements & Interests − Hobbies. Achievements in professional life

●      Declaration − stating all information provided about the applicant as true

NOTE − Fields marked (e, f, i) will change as per applicant’s area of expertise. Points (g, h) are considered parts of a general template now, as almost all the companies now expect the candidate to have basic computer proficiency on some specific software tool (MS Word, MS Excel, etc…).

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