Media Release Writing

A media release, also known as press releasenews release, or press statement, is a written or recorded communication directed at the members of the news media for the purpose of announcing something newsworthy to the public.

Format of a Media Release

A media release normally contains the following elements −

●      Company Logo and Address − mentioned in the letterhead

●      Date − the date of press release

●      Timing − the time of the event

●      Release Date − the date of the event mentioned

●      Title − a short one-line description of the event

●      Location − the place of event

●      Introduction − A description of the event and the reasons.

●      What − what is the event all about?

●      Why − why was the event organized?

●      When − when is the event organized to be held?

●      Who − who are the people visiting the event?

●      About − brief description of the company

●      Contact Details − where to contact for further detail

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