Are the people obligated to save the interests of others by making misconducts known to the management or by alerting the public by making significant immoral acts committed by companies publicly?

It is always preferable to think rationally and impartially regarding morality. It is important to think about our life and ask the following questions −

●      Are we following authorities blindly?

●      Are we suffering from a moral tunnel vision?

●      Are we mindlessly doing what is asked from us, without considering the impact on outside parties?

●      Are we considering about our possible roles as accomplices in the immoral activities?

●      Are we having a proper view of our interests against those of others?

●      Is there any substantial evidence for acting against the norms?

Morality often wants us to consider the interests of everyone who can be affected by our decisions and also about the situations we are in. We can have serious social and personal obligations and depends on all these important and unique factors.

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