Warning Signs

Always be on the lookout for the following warning signs of probable workplace violence. The signs of troubling behavior include −

●      Being upset over a recent work or personal incident

●      Suspicious behavior

●      Appearing unprepared at work

●      Withdrawing from normal work and after-work activities

●      Yelling or being verbally abusive to others

●      Not following a supervisor’s directions

●      Blaming workers for problems at work or at home

●      Being suspicious of others

●      Having grudges

●      Using alcohol or showing up to work drunk

●      Having an inappropriate romantic attachment at workplace

●      Following a supervisor or colleague

●      Threatening to take violent action against a supervisor

●      Developing an unusual fascination with weapons

●      Being fined or booked for a violent act outside work

●      Disclosing plans to hurt or attack people at work

Attitudes that might suggest potentially violent actions include −

●      Desiring to stay alone

●      Acting morally superior or self-righteous

●      Having a sense of personal entitlement

●      Getting abused, or feeling wronged, or victimized

●      Believing that no other options exist except violence

Knowing about imminent violence and violent behaviors can help minimize the occurrence of workplace violence.

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