Legal Risks of Emails

Emails are the preferred mode of communication in many workplaces, and this means they carry a lot of information that could be confidential. Many companies train people extensively on how they are supposed to frame their emails and what kind of emails, to whom they are supposed to forward.

The security and confidentiality of the information in the emails is the joint responsibility of both the sender and the recipients. Companies have strict guidelines to safeguard their documents and their contents. Let us discuss some of the most commonly followed guidelines to prevent email misuse.

You and your company will be held liable for numerous legal suits if −

●      You send or forward emails with offensive content.

●      You send an attachment that has a virus.

●      You forward the sender’s email to another person without permission.

●      You try to forge others’ emails or send emails from others’ accounts.

●      You try to conceal your identity from the receivers when sending email.

●      You copy a message belonging to another person without permission.

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