Going Beyond Comfort Zones

In today’s era of international business, many events take place on a global level daily. Influenced by these events, organizations all over the world keep making changes to their strategies, business approaches, and investments. These changes are sometimes gradual, however in some cases, sudden changes are also seen.

In this changing world, organizations have come to realize that changes are a standard course of action in business and they have to adjust accordingly and fast, so that they don’t miss the train. In situations like these, the employees shouldn’t ask themselves if their organization is ever going to change. Rather, they should ask themselves how well they will be able to adapt to change, when that comes.

The first step of learning adaptability is stepping out of your comfort zone. This involves viewing things from a different perspective and under different circumstances. A single-view approach to any problem will alienate the rest of the co-workers who might have different and better ideas to address the situation. Getting out of your comfort zone takes a lot of listening to different people’s opinions, and analyzing facts based on these inputs.

Going Beyond Comfort Zones

Often, we tend to rush to conclusions without having all the necessary data with us. People with a predetermined approach to handling a problem have a habit of solving the problem without even listening to it. That’s because they don’t like to be challenged with new scenarios. In other words, they don’t feel comfortable stepping out of their comfort zone. However, efficient managers always like to challenge themselves with handling new conflicts so that they become better managers.

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