Conditions for Implementing Creativity

When it comes to the implementation of creative techniques, it has been found that some of them are easy to implement, whereas other techniques need adequate and proper infrastructure, experts and training. In such cases, organizations generally contact and hire external consultants.

In addition to the external consultants, the company itself also practices on providing a creative environment. This is done by making the employees participate in various concerns and decision making process of the company. They are also encouraged in an open and flexible method of learning on the part of the management. Some of the factors that help nurturing a creative work climate are as follows −

●      An interactive environment with the minimum interference.

●      An organizational culture that encourages discovery and problem solving.

●      Rewards for employee performance and constant motivation.

●      Managers willing to risk failures to encourage creativity and innovation.

●      An open and flexible policy for working and performing.

●      Providing people with creativity enhancement training.

There are other important factors behind the successful application of creative techniques within teams in a company, such as properly trained human resources, clear strategies, focus on the core competencies and knowledge on key areas of business such as marketing, engineering and design.

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