Implementation Cost of Creativity

Creative techniques are employed by all organizations and firms who deal with new scenarios every day and are expected to resolve the issues that come up because of these scenarios. They also look for bringing improvements in their products or services.

Most often, creative techniques are adopted to enhance personal creativity in individuals who work on new product development. For example, scientists who research in laboratories. However, the objective of the company focus is to enhance the group creativity, then it needs to first form a collaborating team of at least 20 employees including 3 members who will fulfill the roles of the managerial staff. The application of creativity techniques is not a discrete process. It should be practiced continuously in regular sessions within work groups.

The regular timings to practice these creativity techniques are company facilities during normal hours and working conditions. The implementation of a creative technique includes −

●      The costs of external consultant fees

●      Preparation for a session of creativity

●      Application of creative techniques and

●      Evaluation of the employees.

It also includes the cost of software packages used during the training program and the hardware rented or bought for the successful implementation of the program.

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