Tourism Management – Types

In this chapter, we will be discussing the various types of tourism and their characteristics.

Mass Tourism                                          

It involves tourism of organized large groups of people to special tourist locations. It is a traditional way where the daily program is fixed by the tour organizer. It is a social activity. The tourists generally desire for souvenirs and site-seeing.

For example, religious places, theme parks, boat cruises, resort towns.

Alternative Tourism

It includes individually organized tours to find first-hand information about a place, local culture, and environment.

For example, biking tour planned by an individual while accommodation is catered for on the go.


It is touring for conducting business transactions, attending business meetings, workshops, or conferences. The objective of business tourism is mainly professional.


It includes tourism for improving one’s physical or spiritual well-being. For example, vacation at a Yoga or rehabilitation center.


It is tourism at places famous for pristine nature and serene beauty. The main objective is to experience and enjoy nature such as farms and wildlife. Ecotourism is a part of nature tourism.


This type of tourism has an objective of understanding the local history of the place, foods, local productions, and local culture.


It includes tours conducted among relatives, friends, and others.

Recreational Tourism

It includes travelling to escape from routine life. This is often done for enjoyment, amusement, or pleasure. For example, Camping or beach visit.

Active Tourism

It is conducted with a clear objective such as climbing a mountain, touring around the world, or learning local culinary arts or languages.

Sports Tourism

It is tourism for attending some sports event such as World Cup Cricket Match, FIFA, or Olympics.

Religious Tourism

It involves travelling to places of religious significance such as Vaishno Devi in Jammu-Kashmir and Golden Temple at Amritsar (India), Mecca in Saudi Arabia, Bethlehem, and other such places.

Health or Medical Tourism

It involves travelling to improve one’s health. It is with the objective of visiting weight-loss camps, naturopathy centers, and health resorts.

Adventure Tourism

It involves tourism for adventurous activities such as rock climbing, bungee jumping, sky-diving, hiking, horse-riding, surfing, rafting, or skiing.

Adventure Tourism

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