Public Library Management – HRM

Human Resource Management is the process of hiring skilled employee and developing the employee further with the intention of organizational benefits.

Skills Required by Public Library Staff       

The following skills are mandatory for the public library staff −

●      Educational qualification

●      Technical knowledge and training

●      Communication skill

●      Interpersonal skill

●      Problem solving skill

Communicating about Vacancy in Public Library

The HR manager needs to describe the requirements for the vacant post in terms of educational prerequisites and the kind of work the prospective employee is expected to do. The HR manager then communicates these requirements to the people by publishing adverts in appropriate media channels such as newspapers, magazines, notice boards in the library, or on the web.

Selecting and Recruiting the Library Staff

The HR manager receives and compiles responses from all the interested applicants. He/she then separates all the eligible candidates and schedules interview for them. On the best judgement of candidate’s educational qualification, attitude, nature, and capabilities, he/she then selects the most feasible candidate.

Training and Development of the Library Staff

The new staff member needs to undergo orientation program that makes him/her smoothly tune to the responsibilities, culture, systems, and work premises. Sometimes the seasoned staff members also need to undergo training of new systems. Training is vital for developing the staff member to suit to the library’s needs.

Performance Appraisal

The HR manager needs to assess the performance of all the staff members and delivers rewards or perks in terms of money, benefits, or promotion in the post. The performance appraisal is conducted annually or half-yearly depending on the policies set by the top brass of the library.

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