Business Case Writing

The objective of a business case or proposal is to identify the requirements of an organization and propose strategies to meet them. It is also used to evaluate results to get optimal success. A business case is document that is written to convince a decision maker to approve the action suggested in the case.

Business Case Format

A business case normally includes the following elements −

●      Business Case Title − the Topic of proposal

●      Executive Summary − description of the proposal

●      Current Process − the procedures currently in operation

●      Reason to Change − profits that will be brought by the changes

●      Risks − factors that company needs to watch out for

Business Case Writing

●      Options − any alternative procedures that can be implemented

●      Option Comparison − Risk vs. Profit analyses of all options

●      Recommendation − the final option to implement, after changes

●      Action − the necessary steps to implement the changes

●      Approval Requested − what actions need approval from whom

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